Wood Cooker

With a modern wood cooker, you combine the feeling of tradition that wood stoves naturally convey, with modern practicality, innovation, safety and environmental sustainability.

Our wood stoves are manufactured by Cadel Srl, an Italian manufacturer with a sense of quality that we have very good confidence in. In addition to being relatively inexpensive, our stoves are also excellent from an environmental point of view, as they are designed to ensure efficient and clean combustion.

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  • Wood Cooker Kook 60cm


    The striking element of this fitted wood cooker is the space devoted to the oven, the wide glass through which you can see the food cooking and the wide firebox, so you can have everything under control. The big, stainless steel oven ensures food is cooked evenly and the appliance is easy to clean, while the hob made of cast iron as standard is also available in a glass ceramic version. With the large, practical sliding drawer, everything is within easy reach and everything is designed to provide great functionality and economics to those who love to cook. Available also in 80cm and 90cm versions.