Pellet inserts

A fireplace insert with pellets is the perfect combination of a fireplace, a traditional symbol of time with the family and the environmentally friendly technology for pellet heating systems. A pellet insert adds a unique detail to your home and can be placed in an existing fireplace.

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  • Pellet Insert ZEFIRO³ 9 kW


    Do you know the feeling that you really like a certain pellet stove, but would have thought that it would have been even nicer if it could be built in or bring life to your fireplace? Then you will be satisfied with the insert ZEFIRO³ 9 kW from Cadel - a built-in pellet stove that effortlessly combines good performance and design.  

    You can easily program the stove so that it lights up at the desired temperature when you get home. It also has a daily and weekly program, and you can control the stove via your smartphone via the included Wifi package - which gives a whole new level of convenience.

    Its timeless appearance makes the pellet stove suitable for all types of interiors, where the elegant built-in character gives a fantastic look. This built-in pellet stove naturally heats very economically with an efficiency of up to 94%.

    This stove can also be ducted, so you can heat several rooms with the same stove.

    The stove must be supplemented with one of two different types of storage solutions - either an integrated pull-out cassette, or with a trapdoor (see accessories at the bottom of the page).

  • Pellet Stove QUASIMODO³ UP 9 kW


    A pellet stove that stands out for its modern look, glass door and cast iron chamber with modern design, but that it can also be placed without the legs in a fireplace. Freestanding stoves with legs have been hugely successful in recent years. At the same time, it is very common to want to use your old fireplace, and then it is perfectly possible to install this stove without the legs as an insert in the stove.

    Quasimodo³ UP 9 KW is connected to a concentric duct that ensures both flue gas evacuation and the supply of fresh air at the same time. This type of duct often facilitates installation and improves combustion.

    Both the inside of the stove and the burner cup are made of cast iron, which is perfect for withstanding high heat and for greater thermal inertia.

    The stove is also equipped with an aluminum screw that promotes continuous feeding of pellets and limits vibrations to lower the noise level.