Heating controls

Here you will find accessories for your boiler to control the heat in the best way. Wide range of different thermostats, accumulator tanks, circulation pumps and shunt automatics for you to find something that works best in your home.

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  • ESBE CRB221 Wireless Controller


    The ESBE CRB221 regulates your temperature in the house wirelessly, allowing you to easily increase comfort and save up to 20% energy (source: Swedish consumer magazine Råd&Rön). Now in updated version from the previous model ESBE CRB122.

    The room unit sends continuous feedback to the actuator unit, which adjusts the shunt valve according to the desired target temperature.

    With the built-in timer, with daily and weekly programs, it is possible to set different day and night temperatures for further energy savings.

  • Laddomat 11-30 ErP


    The Laddomat 11 is a complete unit and is simple to install. It ensures perfect charging of the tank. Thanks to efficient hot water control, Laddomat 11 can have a higher opening temperature at high boiler output compared to other similar products.

  • Laddomat 21-60, R32, LM9A, 63°C Charging Unit


    Laddomat 21 allows the boiler to quickly reach 80°C working temperature. Then the Laddomat starts loading the tank with a high, even temperature. The most appreciated feature is the built-in automatic throttling of the internal flow. This throttling function ensures that the entire tank system is fully charged. After the fire has stopped, Laddomat 21 takes advantage of some of the after-heat in the boiler by transferring the hot water in the boiler with self-circulation to the tank. The energy ends up in the tank instead of in the chimney. Laddomat 21-60 is delivered as standard with EPP insulation and proper valves, R32, with lever. The extra large openings in the ball valves contribute to the good self-circulation.

    For boilers with a maximum power of 80 kW.

  • Outdoor sensor for ESBE CRB122


    With an outdoor sensor for your CRB221 temperature control, you get a combined outdoor temperature and indoor temperature based control. If there are rapid shifts in the outdoor temperature, then the shunt compensates for this to further stabilize the heat curve. The communication cable is 20m long.

    Fits all CRB221 (and CRB122 from 2016 onwards).

  • Shunt valve LK 842 ThermoMix


    LK 842 ThermoMix® P is a 4-way shunt valve for mounting directly on boilers. Suitable for motorization.

    Dimension 22 mm, 5.5 Kvs m³ / h