Ulma was formed in the beginning of 2003 as a leisure company. Trade was carried out with industrial marking machines, which later in the same year expanded when Ulma started developing its own pellet burner. 

After six months, the first prototype was completed, and the burner was taken to ÄFAB (Älvdalens Fastbränsle AB), a company that tests bioenergy products with a good reputation both in Sweden and abroad.

The Ulma burner got very good results, among the highest efficiencies measured on a pellet burner. In 2005, the company was transformed from a trading company to a limited company.

Ulma began to sell pellet burners in the local area on a small scale, and as the burner received good customer feedback, Ulma was able to increase sales. At that time the market for pellet burners was good, which was radically changed at the end of 2006 when the conversion contribution from the Swedish state ended. According to (source), the market fell by 82%. This was seen by us as a temporary decrease as we were convinced that heating through pellets is part of the energy supply of the future.

When installing the pellet burner outside the customers, a need for a purified pellet boiler was also identified, as many old boilers had poor efficiency. The Ulma boiler was launched, and was specially developed to be optimized together with the Ulma burner. The boiler was tested on SP together with the burner, and received 92% in total efficiency.


Ulma AB only manufactures heating products. We have a complete machine hall with equipment such as CNC machines, edge presses,mig-mag-tig welding. Recently, we have also expanded our machinery with a robot weld. 

All heating products are manufactured by Ulma AB with Swedish-made details, as the company invests in quality products and control in every detail.

Products for environmentally friendly heating

Our main goal has been to produce heat products in bioenergy, and first and foremost then the pellet market. We currently have pellet burners, screw feed systems, vacuum suction systems and our own pellet boiler which is adapted for our pellet burners in our product range.

Business Concept

Manufacture and offer high quality, efficient and reliable heating systems based on bioenergy.