Wood Cooker Smart 60cm

Wood Cooker Smart 60cm

The Cadel Wood Cooker Smart 60cm offers a unique and efficient cooking solution, whether it is freestanding or built-in. These new versatile cookers are perfect for any setting, designed to enhance your cooking experience while adding an elegant touch to your kitchen. 

Decorative cast iron detail

The cast iron doors on the Cadel Wood Cooker Smart 60cm not only give an elegant and classic appearance, but also guarantee long-lasting durability. The large, decorative glass window allows you to enjoy the sparkling fire, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. The elegant steel handles provide a luxurious feel and make it easy to open and close the door.

Spacious Firebox

The firebox has plenty of room for firewood, giving you the opportunity to create a powerful fire that heats your home effectively. It is perfect for those who like traditional wood-burning and prefer its natural heat.

Practical Storage Drawer

The Cadel Wood Cooker offers a practical storage drawer, providing additional convenience and organization in your kitchen. This drawer is ideal for storing your cooking utensils, firewood, or other accessories that you need to have at hand.

Flexible Sizes

The Cadel Wood Cooker Smart 60cm is designed to fit all homes, large or small. It can easily be adjusted to your space, whether you want it freestanding or built-in. This provides maximum flexibility and allows for a customized installation that fits your specific needs and preferences.

Many different decorative accessories

This stove comes with a selection of decorative accessories to further enhance its appearance and functionality. From decorative feet to a sturdy steel base, these accessories contribute to making your Cadel Wood Cooker even more distinctive and personal.

The Cadel Wood Cooker Smart 60cm is a perfect blend of traditional style and modern functionality. It is designed to meet your cooking needs while becoming a stylish part of your home. With its robust construction and high-quality materials, it's an investment you'll enjoy for many years to come.

    Smoke connection from behind and from above


    Beautiful view of the oven

    Refractory stone in the fireplace

    Ventilation + light kit (optional)


    Free Standing

Tax included
Wood Cooker: Standard
Color: White Steel
Order item, 8 weeks delivery time

Data sheet

Nominal power
6,5 kW
Oven dimensions
L 24 cm × P 42 cm × H 29 cm
Fire box dimensions
L 15 cm × H 15 cm
Cooktop height
4 cm
Wood length
30 cm
Min. distance to combustible
Back: 40mm / Sides: 20mm / Bottom: 0mm / Top: 750mm / Front: 1000mm


EN - Energy Label Smart 60

Energy labeling shows how energy consuming a product is.

Download (96.46KB)

EN - Technical Data - Smart 60

Detailed information about the Smart 60 stove

Download (623.94KB)

EN - Declaration of Performance Smart 60

English declaration of performance for the stove Smart 60

Download (294.25KB)

SV - Installation manual Wood stove

Swedish installation manual for Cadel wood stoves.

Download (8.03MB)

SV - User manual Wood stove

Swedish user manual for Cadel wood stoves.

Download (2.75MB)

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