Wood Cooker Kook 90cm

Wood Cooker Kook 90cm

The Cadel Kook 90cm model impresses with its generous oven space. The oven, made of stainless steel, is designed to provide even cooking for delightful dishes every time. Additionally, stainless steel facilitates cleaning after cooking, which is particularly valuable after an extensive cooking session. With this model, you not only get a practical oven but also a durable one made to last.

Wide Glass Window

The Cadel Kook 90cm model is equipped with a large glass window offering a visual experience of the cooking process. This glass window allows you to monitor the food's progress without having to open the oven door, contributing to keeping the heat inside the oven and making the cooking process more energy-efficient. Watching the food transform in real-time is an interactive and engaging feature that elevates the entire cooking experience. 

Generous Firebox

Size matters when it comes to the firebox, and the Cadel Kook 90cm model has a large firebox that offers enough space for wood. With this generous firebox, you can maintain an even heat during long cooking sessions and don't need to constantly add more wood. This feature makes the Cadel Kook 90cm model both practical and comfortable to use.

Cast Iron Hob

This model comes standard with a hob made from durable cast iron. The excellent heat-retaining properties of cast iron make it an ideal material for stovetops. The cast iron hob retains heat for a long time, which helps to make cooking more energy-efficient and keep food warm even after the stove has been turned off.

Useful Storage Drawer

The Cadel Kook 90cm model also includes a useful storage drawer offering extra storage space. This drawer can be used to keep kitchen utensils, spices, or extra wood close at hand. With everything you need readily available, cooking can become smoother and more enjoyable.

Adaptable Size

Cadel Kook comes in several sizes to suit various kitchens and needs. The larger 90cm model provides more flexibility in a bigger kitchen, while smaller sizes might be a good choice for a smaller kitchen where every square meter counts.

Optional Ventilation & Light Kit

A popular option for the Cadel Kook 90cm model is the ventilation & light kit. This option includes a built-in fan that can spread the heat from the stove effectively throughout the room, and a light kit that improves visibility and creates a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen. These extra features can help elevate your cooking experience to the next level.

In the end, the Cadel Kook 90cm wood stove combines efficiency, durability, and style. With its large oven, wide glass window, and generous firebox, this wood stove will be an excellent addition to your kitchen.

    Smoke connection from behind and from above


    Beautiful view of the oven

    Refractory stone in the fireplace

    Ventilation + light kit (optional)


Tax included
Wood Cooker: Standard
Color: Stainless Steel
Order item, 8 weeks delivery time

Data sheet

Nominal power
9,5 kW
Oven dimensions
L 42 cm × B 42 cm × H 29 cm
Fire box dimensions
L 17,2 cm × H 16,7 cm
Cooktop height
4 cm
Wood length
33 cm
Min. distance to combustible
Back: 40mm / Sides: 2.5mm / Bottom: 0mm / Top: 750mm / Front: 1000mm


EN - Energy Label Kook 90

Energy labeling shows how energy consuming a product is.

Download (99.73KB)

EN - Technical Data - Kook 90

Detailed information about the Kook 90 stove

Download (439.92KB)

EN - Declaration of Performance Kook 90

English declaration of performance for the stove Kook 90

Download (2.27MB)

SV - Installation manual Wood stove

Swedish installation manual for Cadel wood stoves.

Download (8.03MB)

SV - User manual Wood stove

Swedish user manual for Cadel wood stoves.

Download (2.75MB)

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