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Air Move 1500 Vacuum suction transportation

Transports pellets up to 50m

Air Move 1500 is a fully automatic transportation of pellets with built-in daily storage Now the time is gone with carrying pellet bags from bulky storage rooms in the garden. Now you just press the button and pellets will be put in with careful air feeding. Our vacuum suction apparatus easily handles up to 50 meters from bulk storage to pellet burner. The screw that comes with it is also adjustable directly to MAFA mini or midi if you use that kind of storage for example in the garage where you also store bags of pellets on pallet. This creates unexpected possibilities for the future, regardless what pellet burner you choose or chose. Fits all types of pellet burners, pellet boilers and pellet stoves.

PLC steered control unit

The control unit, together with 2 capacitive givers, controls when it is time to call for more fuel and tell the unit when the storage is full.

  • Blow off silencer
  • Wall fastening for hose
  • Hose clip
  • Transportation hose
  • Harness

Technical data
  • Min. daily storage 40 liters
  • Max. daily storage 62 liters
  • Measurement (w x h x d) 330 x 1650 x 430 mm
  • Giver 2 capacitive
  • Hose connection 50mm
  • 1 Storage screw 500mm (70W)
  • Voltage 230V AC
  • Power consumption about 1500W
  • Weight 12, 5 kilos
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