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Pellet stove MCZ Club CORE 10kW

Pellet stove MCZ Club CORE 10kW

Discover the elegant and modern pellet stove Club from MCZ, designed to bring both style and warmth to your home. This stove combines aesthetics with functionality and is equipped with the advanced Core technology, based on gasification principles, which guarantees high efficiency and very low emissions. The natural flame and the self-cleaning burn plate, which only requires weekly maintenance, make it easy and convenient to use.

Maestro+ technology allows you to easily control the stove via a smartphone app, whether you are at home or on the go. The retractable digital control panel on top provides extra convenience. Club is the perfect solution for those looking for an efficient and stylish heating source for their home.

    Forced Ventilation

    Brushless motor

    CORE Technology

    Convenient control panel

    Maestro+ Technology

    Automatic self-cleaning brazier

    Excludable Ventilation

    Completely Sealed Structure

    Fast ignition

    Weekly ash emptying

    External thermostat (optional)

    Integrated Wi-Fi

Tax included
Color: Matte black metal
Type of installation: Connection to the existing chimney


Explore our elegant and functional stove model in 3D! This model is designed to fit both modern and traditional homes. With Google AR, you can easily place and test the stove directly in your room, giving you a realistic picture of how it will look and fit into your decor. Spin the model around and explore every detail to ensure it meets all your requirements and expectations. Try it now and experience the warmth and style our stove can add to your home!

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This is an air stove, the most classic model of pellet stove. A single fan, powerful yet quiet, effectively spreads the warm air in the room where the stove is installed, making it warm and cozy within minutes. Depending on how well insulated your home is and its design, this stove can also heat very large rooms. You can choose the fan's power according to your needs. A warm, powerful breeze to quickly heat your home or a barely noticeable whisper if you just need to maintain the same temperature.

This air system is designed to offer even and efficient heating, ensuring that the heat spreads evenly throughout the room. The stove is ideal for both small and large spaces, and thanks to the adjustable fan's flexibility, you can customize the heating according to your specific needs. For quick heating, increase the fan's power; for quiet and constant warmth, lower the fan speed.

This air stove combines efficiency with an elegant design, making it a functional and attractive part of your home. The fan's low noise level ensures a quiet and soothing environment, while the warm air quickly creates a pleasant atmosphere. Perfect for both small rooms and open spaces, this stove offers a reliable and flexible heating solution that adapts to your preferences.

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The combustion chamber is carefully designed to offer a captivating and fascinating view of the fire. The fireplace's height and depth are adapted to ensure optimal vertical development and a natural movement of the flame, creating a soothing and aesthetically pleasing fire experience. The fireplace shapes have been softened to provide a pleasant and appealing visual experience, even when the flame is not lit. This design ensures that the stove becomes a central and elegant part of your home, whether the fire is on or not.

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The pellet hatch opening has been designed to facilitate refilling and make it as smooth as possible for the user. By increasing the space for the pellets, you can easily and conveniently refill the stove without worrying about spills or hassle. The handle has also been carefully designed to provide a comfortable and ergonomic feel, making it easier to open and close the hatch. This thoughtful design ensures convenient and hassle-free use every time you need to refill pellets.


With the advanced ceramic ignition element, the stove's ignition is both quick and energy-efficient. The flame appears in less than three minutes, significantly reducing ignition times and power consumption. This technology allows you to quickly and easily enjoy a warm and inviting fire without long waits. The ceramic ignition element also contributes to more sustainable and energy-efficient stove operation, making it an environmentally friendly choice for your home.


The stove is designed with a generous ash drawer that has a capacity of almost 5 liters, as well as an ash compartment that holds more than 8 liters. This means you can use the stove for about a week without needing to empty the ash, making it ideal for daily use. The stoves are also equipped with an automatic scraping system that prevents ash buildup and reduces the need for daily cleaning of the fireplace. This system ensures continuous and efficient stove operation with minimal effort on your part.


The No-Air function allows you to completely exclude the room fan in the stove, ensuring maximum silence and a calm atmosphere in your home. By turning off the room fan, the heat is instead spread through natural convection, creating a pleasant and even heat distribution in the room. This feature allows you to enjoy a warm and quiet environment, perfect for relaxation and well-being.


The tight combustion chamber is designed to use oxygen only taken from the outside, ensuring reduced energy consumption and perfect thermal comfort in your home. This design is particularly advantageous for modern homes with high energy efficiency, even those with energy class A, as it eliminates the risk of smoke emissions in the room. By creating a tight combustion chamber, a safe and healthy indoor environment is guaranteed, while the stove contributes to sustainable and energy-efficient living.



Core combustion technology utilizes the principles of gasification to achieve high levels of efficiency with very low emissions. This advanced technology guarantees exceptional performance at all power levels, ensuring that the stove always operates optimally regardless of the setting. Core technology achieves emission levels up to 55% lower than the European Ecodesign limit for particles, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Additionally, it creates a natural flame similar to that of wood-fired products, and the glass stays clean much longer thanks to a self-cleaning hearth. This innovative technology means the stove only needs to be cleaned once a week, saving time and effort for the user.

Discover more about Core technology from MCZ.



Thanks to Maestro+ technology, the stove can be controlled directly from a smartphone via a specific app, providing full control both at home and remotely. Connection is easily made via the home's internet network (router) or directly via Bluetooth, giving you the flexibility to adjust the stove's settings wherever you are. Whether you want to increase the temperature before you get home or adjust the fan speed from the sofa, the app allows you to do so with a few taps.

As an added convenience, an innovative, retractable digital control panel mounted on the top of the stove is included as standard. This panel provides quick and easy access to all the stove's functions directly from the unit, making it possible to adjust the settings even if you don't have your smartphone at hand. The retractable design allows the panel to be discreetly hidden when not in use, contributing to the stove's elegant and modern appearance.

Discover more about Maestro+ technology from MCZ.

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Data sheet

L 56 x H 115.5 x B 55 cm
Heatable volume min/max
86 - 285 m3
Hopper capacity
30 kg
Pellet fuel
ø6-8 mm
Hourly consumption min/max
0,60 - 2,30 kg/h
Range min/max
13 - 50 h
Stove's smoke pipe
80 mm
Stove power range
2,4 - 10,0 kW
Stoves efficiency
Stove weight
165 kg


SV - Inspection plan when installing a fireplace/smoke duct

Verified inspection plan must be submitted to the Building and Environment Board when requesting a final report after installation.

Download (99.33KB)

EN - Installation Manual - MCZ Club/Suite/Musa

English Installation Manual for the stoves MCZ Club/Suite/Musa

Download (7.66MB)

EN - User Manual - MCZ Club/Suite/Musa

English user manual for the stoves MCZ Club/Suite/Musa

Download (10.44MB)

SV - Technical Data - MCZ Club

Detailed information about the pellet stove MCZ Club

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