Pellet Stove CADEL Sweet 7 kW

Pellet Stove CADEL Sweet 7 kW

The SWEET³ pellet stove lives up to its name. Its simple and discreet design evokes a certain sweetness. It also knows how to be discreet, and integrates easily as an interior detail. Add to that a very good performance, ease of use, and an incredibly low price, and you have the recipe for a very popular pellet stove.

In addition to this, it impresses above all with its innovative technology. With an output of 7 kW, this unit achieves a high efficiency of 91%. The stove works with wood pellets and the combustion is electronically controlled, which means that the combustion takes place completely automatically, unlike traditional stoves - it is switched on and off by itself with the help of the built-in temperature sensor. The pellet tank with a capacity of 15 kg is located on the back of the stove, loading takes place from above. With the integrated room thermostat, the stove ensures a constant even room temperature.

On the top there is a simple control panel that is very intuitive and allows you to manage all important heating settings. You can also control your stove very easily with your smartphone and thus keep an eye on the pellet stove's important functions at any time via the mobile application.

Pellet stove without chimney

The stove can be installed with a so-called horizontal flue instead of a traditional chimney. With our popular chimney solution, the stove is easily installed against an external wall through a hole in the wall.

With this ingenious solution, the combustion air is extracted from outside in the same flue as the flue gases exit. This cools the flue gases, while preheating the combustion air and increasing the efficiency of your stove.

The chimney is completely passive, which means that the stove's flue gas fan ensures that the flue gases come out. And you can easily access the flue pipe by lifting the protective cover from the outside, which makes it very easy to maintain.

    Sealed chamber


    Cast iron burning pot

    Comfort mode

    Integrated Wi-Fi

    Remote control (optional)

    Connection to external thermostat

    Daily and weekly programming

    Smoke connection on the back

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Color: Anthracite Steel
Type of installation: Connection to the existing chimney
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Data sheet

L 47,4 - P 45,2 - H 95 cm
Heatable surface min/max
Heatable volume min/max
71 - 200 m3
Hopper capacity
15 kg
Pellet fuel
ø6-8 mm
Hourly consumption min/max
0,56 - 1,65 kg/h
Range min/max
9,1 - 26,8 h
40,5 - 42,5 dB
Stove's smoke pipe
80 mm
Stove power range
2,6 - 7,0 kW
Stoves efficiency
90 - 92%
Stove weight
56 kg
Stove power
7 kW


EN - Energy Label Sweet

Energy labeling shows how energy consuming a product is.

Download (99.53KB)

EN - Declaration of Performance Sweet

English declaration of performance for the stove Sweet

Download (665.58KB)

EN - Technical Data - Sweet

Detailed information about the Sweet stove

Download (568.19KB)

EN - Installation Manual Sweet/Perla/Cristal/Sound

English Installation Manual for the stoves Sweet/Perla/Cristal/Sound

Download (1.66MB)

EN - User Manual Sweet/Perla/Cristal/Sound

English User Manual for stoves Sweet/Perla/Cristal/Sound

Download (900.32KB)

SV - Manual - Rear-connected Horizontal Flue

Installation and user manual for our rear-connected horizontal flue

Download (835.34KB)

SV - User Manual Sweet/Perla/Cristal/Sound

Swedish User Manual for stoves Sweet/Perla/Cristal/Sound

Download (651.75KB)

SV - Installation Manual Sweet/Perla/Cristal/Sound

Swedish Installation Manual for stoves Sweet/Perla/Cristal/Sound

Download (1.55MB)

SV - Declaration of Performance Horizontal Chimney

Swedish declaration of performance for the Horizontal Chimney

Download (68.38KB)

SV - Inspection plan when installing a fireplace/smoke duct

Verified inspection plan must be submitted to the Building and Environment Board when requesting a final report after installation.

Download (99.33KB)

SV - Service manual Cadel

Instructions for servicing Cadel's pellet stoves.

Download (307.84KB)

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