Pellet Stove CADEL Spin Plus Airtech UP 9 kW

Pellet Stove CADEL Spin Plus Airtech UP 9 kW

Experience the latest innovation from Cadel - a pellet stove that combines robustness with sophisticated design. Its unique, textured cast iron cladding highlights both strength and elegance, while the wide view of the fire creates a magical atmosphere in your home. Equipped with Airtech technology, a self-cleaning burner, and UPS Ready feature for continuous operation even during power outages, this stove sets a new standard for comfort and durability. Choose Cadel for an efficient and stylish heating solution.

To be released this summer!

    Sealed chamber

    Cast iron burning pot

    Comfort mode

    Integrated Wi-Fi

    Remote control (optional)

    Connection to external thermostat

    Daily and weekly programming

    Concentric flue

    Smoke connection from above

    Can be installed without a chimney

    Automatic cleaning


Tax included
Color: Titanium Steel
Type of installation: Connection to the existing chimney
Available for delivery from July.

Experience the Future of Heating with Cadel Pellet Stove

Cadel's latest masterpiece in heating technology - a pellet stove designed for the modern environmentally conscious consumer, the technology enthusiast, and the design lover. This innovative stove stands out with its textured cast iron cladding, which not only provides a robust construction but also adds a level of elegance that complements any interior.

Magical atmosphere with a wide view

Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that the wide view of the fire offers. This design feature not only improves the aesthetics of your home but also creates a sense of well-being and warmth that spreads throughout the room.

Innovation through Airtech technology

With Airtech technology, Cadel takes the maintenance of your pellet stove to the next level. The self-cleaning burner automatically performs the necessary cleaning and ash emptying cycles, ensuring optimal operation and reducing the need for manual maintenance. This means more time for you to enjoy the warmth and less time spent on maintenance.

Continuity and safety with UPS-Ready

Cadel understands the importance of continuous comfort, especially during unexpected power outages. Therefore, this pellet stove is UPS Ready, allowing for connection to an external backup battery. This feature ensures continuous feeding and protects against surges, giving you peace of mind regardless of the weather.

Environmentally friendly and efficient

As part of Cadel's commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly heating, this stove not only offers efficient pellet consumption but also the possibility of installation without a chimney. This makes it an excellent choice for both new and existing homes, contributing to a greener future.

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