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Pellet Stove CADEL Magritte 6 kW

Magritte is a small and compact pellet stove with a traditional appearance similar to a wood stove. Its prominent cast iron door highlights the beautiful fire inside. With details in cast iron such as the door, the top and the grill, the stove has an impressive and robust feel.

    Sealed chamber

    Cast iron burning pot

    Comfort mode

    Integrated Wi-Fi

    Remote control (optional)

    Connection to external thermostat

    Daily and weekly programming

    Smoke connection on the back

    Smoke connection from above

    Cast iron door

    Can be installed without a chimney

    Go Fast - Faster ignition

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Color: Cast iron/Black steel
Type of installation: Connection to the existing chimney
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When you first look at Magritte, you might think it's a traditional wood stove. But don't be deceived by its classic appearance. This pellet stove combines the best of two worlds: the warmth of tradition and modern technology.

Designed with a compact and contemporary aesthetic, Magritte stands out with its large cast iron door that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also enhances the mesmerizing sight of the fire inside. Every detail, from the door to the top, the grill, and the base, is carefully crafted, giving the stove an almost sculptural presence in your home.

But Magritte is not just beautiful to look at. It is also functional. Thanks to its low height and upper or rear exhaust outlet, it can be easily installed in an existing chimney or with a horizontal flue, making it a perfect choice for those who want to upgrade their current heating solution without major renovations.

Inside, Magritte offers an array of impressive technical specifications. With a 6-kilowatt output, this pellet stove is capable of heating even the largest spaces. Its 10 kg storage capacity and efficient fuel consumption guarantee long and consistent heating cycles.

And for those who value convenience, Magritte comes with features like GoFast for quick ignition, a cast iron burn pot for optimal combustion, and the ability to connect to an external thermostat for precise temperature control.

In short, Magritte by Cadel is not just a pellet stove. It is a combination of art, design, and technology that will transform your home into a warm and welcoming oasis, regardless of the season.

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Data sheet

L 55,4 - B 63,0 - H 76,2 cm
Heatable surface min/max
31 - 62 m2
Heatable volume min/max
78 - 168 m3
Hopper capacity
10 kg
Pellet fuel
ø6-8 mm
Hourly consumption min/max
0,7 - 1,4 kg/h
Range min/max
7 - 14 h
Stove's smoke pipe
80 mm
Stove power range
3 - 6 kW
Stoves efficiency
90 - 91%
Stove weight
126 kg
Stove power
6 kW


SV - Manual - Rear-connected Horizontal Flue

Installation and user manual for our rear-connected horizontal flue

Download (835.34KB)

SV - Declaration of Performance Horizontal Chimney

Swedish declaration of performance for the Horizontal Chimney

Download (68.38KB)

SV - Inspection plan when installing a fireplace/smoke duct

Verified inspection plan must be submitted to the Building and Environment Board when requesting a final report after installation.

Download (99.33KB)

EN - Technical Data - Magritte

Detailed information about the Magritte stove

Download (201.68KB)

EN - Installation Manual Hublot/Magritte

English Installation Manual for the stoves Hublot/Magritte

Download (695.26KB)

EN - User Manual Hublot/Magritte

English User Manual for stoves Hublot/Magritte

Download (625.56KB)

SV - Installationsmanual Hublot/Magritte

Swedish Installation Manual for the stoves Hublot/Magritte

Download (2.24MB)

SV - User Manual Hublot/Magritte

Swedish User Manual for stoves Hublot & Magritte.

Download (1.32MB)