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Pellet Stove CADEL Hublot UP 6 kW

Discover the Pellet Stove HUBLOT UP 6kW from Cadel S.r.l., manufactured with precision and craftsmanship in Italy. This pellet stove stands out in many ways and offers a convenient and modern solution for heating your home. Let us tell you why this stove is the perfect addition to your home.

With a sealed chamber, our pellet stove delivers outstanding performance. It draws combustion air directly from outside, rather than from the room it is installed in. This reduces emissions, increases safety, and enhances efficiency. You can enjoy warm and cozy heat without worrying about unpleasant odors or poor air quality.

Thanks to the cast iron burn pot, our stove is not only durable but also operates quietly. You can relax and enjoy the warmth without being disturbed by annoying sounds when the pellets drop into the burn pot. The cast iron in the combustion chamber provides additional durability and can withstand high temperatures, ensuring reliable and efficient operation for years to come.

We have also included built-in Wi-Fi as a standard feature in this stove. You can easily control and adjust settings directly from your mobile phone. Start, stop, and manage your stove with just a few simple taps. It's convenient and efficient, saving you both time and energy.

Furthermore, you can enjoy maximum silence by activating the comfort mode. When the stove is burning, you can deactivate the room fan to ensure a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your home.

The Pellet Stove HUBLOT UP 6kW is not only a practical heat source but also a beautiful interior detail. With its classic look and elegant Italian design, it perfectly complements your home. Its compact size allows it to fit into most spaces, providing you with great installation flexibility.

What makes our stove unique is that it can be installed with our horizontal flue system. This means you don't need a traditional chimney to enjoy a pellet stove. It gives you greater freedom to place the stove wherever it suits you best.

The Pellet Stove HUBLOT UP 6kW is simply the most stylish pellet stove on the market. The combination of Italian design, classic look, and high-quality materials makes it the perfect choice for those seeking both style and functionality.

New for 2023 - released for delivery in October!

    Sealed chamber

    Cast iron burning pot

    Comfort mode

    Integrated Wi-Fi

    Remote control (optional)

    Connection to external thermostat

    Daily and weekly programming

    Concentric flue

    Smoke connection from above

    Combustion chamber in cast iron

    Can be installed without a chimney

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Color: Cast iron/Black steel
Type of installation: Connection to the existing chimney
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Data sheet

L 61,4 - B 60,5 - H 74,9 cm
Heatable surface min/max
31 - 62 m2
Heatable volume min/max
84 - 168 m3
Hopper capacity
11 kg
Pellet fuel
ø6-8 mm
Hourly consumption min/max
0,7 - 1,5 kg/h
Range min/max
7 - 16 h
Stove's smoke pipe
80 mm
Stove power range
3 - 6 kW
Stoves efficiency
88 - 90%
Stove weight
120 kg
Stove power
6 kW


SV - Declaration of Performance Horizontal Chimney

Swedish declaration of performance for the Horizontal Chimney

Download (68.38KB)

SV - Manual - Top-connected Horizontal Flue

Installation and user manual for our top-connected horizontal flue

Download (2.75MB)

EN - Technical Data - Hublot 6 kW

Detailed information about the Hublot 6 kW stove.

Download (230.44KB)

SV - Inspection plan when installing a fireplace/smoke duct

Verified inspection plan must be submitted to the Building and Environment Board when requesting a final report after installation.

Download (99.33KB)

EN - Installation Manual Hublot/Magritte

English Installation Manual for the stoves Hublot/Magritte

Download (695.26KB)

EN - User Manual Hublot/Magritte

English User Manual for stoves Hublot/Magritte

Download (625.56KB)

SV - Installationsmanual Hublot/Magritte

Swedish Installation Manual for the stoves Hublot/Magritte

Download (2.24MB)

SV - User Manual Hublot/Magritte

Swedish User Manual for stoves Hublot & Magritte.

Download (1.32MB)

SV - Service manual Cadel

Instructions for servicing Cadel's pellet stoves.

Download (307.84KB)