Pellet Stove CADEL Cristal 9 kW

Pellet Stove CADEL Cristal 9 kW

Delicious pellet stove with diamond-shaped cast iron hatch and a wide range of surface treatments. Equipped with a perfectly sealed combustion chamber. The new Flexit technology provides greater flexibility when it comes to smoke outlet and duct. Great value for money with this incredibly cheap pellet stove!

    Sealed chamber


    Cast iron burning pot

    Comfort mode

    Integrated Wi-Fi

    Remote control (optional)

    Connection to external thermostat

    Daily and weekly programming

    Smoke connection on the back

    Cast iron door

    Concentric flue (optional)

    Can be installed without a chimney

    Flexible installation

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Color: Anthracite Steel
Type of installation: Connection to the existing chimney
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Data sheet

L 46,3 - B 47,7 - H 101,3 cm
Heatable surface min/max
26 - 88 m2
Heatable volume min/max
77 - 265 m3
Hopper capacity
17 kg
Pellet fuel
ø6-8 mm
Hourly consumption min/max
0,6 - 2,1 kg/h
Range min/max
8 - 28 h
Stove's smoke pipe
80 mm
Stove power range
2,5 - 9,7 kW
Stoves efficiency
Stove weight
70 kg
Stove power
9 kW


SV - User Manual Cristal/Icon

Swedish User Manual for stoves Cristal/Icon

Download (640.24KB)

SV - Installation Manual Cristal/Icon

Swedish Installation Manual for stoves Cristal/Icon

Download (1.74MB)

EN - Declaration of Performance Cristal/Icon Plus

English declaration of performance for the stoves Cristal/Icon Plus

Download (3.15MB)

SV - Service manual Cadel

Instructions for servicing Cadel's pellet stoves.

Download (307.84KB)

EN - Technical Data - Cristal 9

Detailed information about the Cristal 9 stove

Download (216.78KB)

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