Ulma ECO 2 30 kW

Ulma ECO 2 30 kW

The Ulma ECO 2 30 kW Pellet Burner is a reliable and robust burner that offers outstanding value for money. With an advanced control unit and a quick-igniting, long-lasting ignition element, this burner provides efficient combustion and good operating economy. In addition, it is equipped with a user-friendly touchscreen display, making handling simple. This affordable yet reliable product can operate between 6-30 kW, making it an excellent choice for all types of properties.

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The Ulma ECO 2 30 kW Pellet Burner is an affordable yet reliable product that combines robustness and reliability. It is equipped with a proven ignition element that ignites lightning-fast and has a long lifespan. With an advanced control unit that controls combustion, you achieve good operating economy.

The burner can operate between 6-30 kW, making it a flexible choice for different types of properties. In addition, we have equipped it with our popular touchscreen display, making handling a breeze.

But that's not all. The Ulma ECO 2 30 kW Pellet Burner is not only easy to use, it is also easy to install. Whether you hire an installer or do it yourself, you will appreciate how smooth the process is. And thanks to the advanced digital control unit, maintenance is minimal. It simply takes care of itself, which means that you as a homeowner can have time for other things.

The Ulma ECO 2 30 kW Pellet Burner is made in Sweden and fits not only our pellet boiler but can easily be mounted on most boilers on the market, such as a wood boiler or oil boiler. It has a high efficiency and the burner ignites smoothly and quickly with a hot air element that is specially designed for our burners. Since it is designed for our burners, we can give a full 5-year warranty on the ignition element.

With the Ulma ECO 2 30 kW Pellet Burner, you get a product that is both affordable and reliable. It is an investment that pays off quickly, and that will give you stable and efficient heating for many years to come.

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Data sheet

6-30 kW
Efficiency burner
Electricity consumption (average)
45 W
Weight burner
10 kg
Dimensions outside the boiler (wxhxd)
227 x 233 x 258 mm
Dimensions of fireplace (diameter x length)
125 x 238 mm
Tension in voltage
230V AC

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