Ulma 2000 TCA 2 Pellet burner

Our Ulma2000 TCA 2 is a Swedish-made pellet burner and is one of our best-selling products. It helps you to maintain a good ventilation in your house and thus avoid problems such as moisture and bad air. It is adapted to be easily mounted on most boilers on the market and supports as many as five power levels. With an automatic start-up procedure, you get a quick and efficient start-up in just 120 seconds from the moment the burner's thermostat is calling for heat, the burner has switched on and burns normally. Ulma2000 TCA 2 is very reliable and is equipped with rear fire protection and an advanced control unit so you can feel safe with your new burner.

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Digital made easy!
Having a pellet burner should be simple and flexible, so on this model we have chosen to put a display with a touch screen that makes your pellet burner easy to handle. With useful functions such as statistics, pellet consumption, operating times, average power and also the average temperature of the water temperature, you get a good overview of the burner's operation.

If you prefer to take care of your device with your mobile, you can easily complement the burner with a WIFI Module. You can then easily download the associated app and through it you can control your burner in a smooth and easy way and have an overview of the device as well as when you are at home or on holiday.

Is it a lot of maintenance?
Our pellet burner is very easy to install and the control unit handles the monitoring, part of the safety and controls the combustion. Ulma2000 TCA 2 is also equipped with a compressor that handles the cleaning by automatic compressed air cleaning, which means that your burner needs minimal maintenance and you have time for other things.

Help us contribute to a better future!
Pellets are classified as renewable energy, ie they do not harm the environment as fossil fuels do (eg coal, gas, oil). The actual combustion of wood pellets adds no extra carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide emitted during combustion is the same as that taken up by the tree during its growth and is therefore part of the carbon cycle's natural cycle. We are proud to be able to contribute to a more sustainable future with our products.

We have very good warranty conditions so you as a customer feel safe and secure with letting us deliver your pellet burner. It is important to us that you as a customer are satisfied and will remain satisfied. Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts if you have any questions.

This package includes fall hose with hose adapter, compressor and compressed air hose. Pellet feederĀ is purchased separately.

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Data sheet

12-20 kW
Efficiency burner
Electricity consumption (average)
40 W
Weight burner
12,5 kg
Dimensions outside the boiler (wxhxd)
230 x 295 x 335 mm
Dimensions of fireplace (diameter x length)
156 x 220 mm
Tension in voltage
230V AC
Length of standard screw
1,7 m

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Technical data - Pellet burner
Output 12-20 kW
Electricity consumption (average) 40 W
Length of standard screw 1,7 m
Dimensions of fireplace (diameter x length) 156 x 220 mm
Dimensions outside the boiler (wxhxd) 230 x 295 x 335 mm
Tension in voltage 230V AC
Efficiency burner 97,2%
Weight burner 12,5 kg