Ulma boiler Mini

Ulma boiler Mini

This boiler is a small compact boiler with either a 20 kW or 25 kW ULMA pellet burner. The boiler has a water volume of 27 L therefore needs connection to a buffer tank of at least 150 L. With dimensions of 50x95x60 (WxHxD) the boiler requires a small boiler room. The ash pan has a generous capacity of about 50 L.

Picture shows our automatic self cleaning pellet burner mounted.




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Data sheet

Max working pressure
1,5 bar
Smoke pipe
130 mm
Water volume
29 L
Min. chimney area
80 cm2
Electrical connection
230 VAC
Min. underpressure
1,5 / vp
Max effect
25 kW
54 x 97 x 64 cm
Volume ash box
50 L
Efficiency boiler
≥ 90%
Weight boiler
150 kg