Ulma boiler Midi

Ulma boiler Midi

Ulma Charging Boiler Midi 60kW is the ultimate choice for those who prioritize efficiency, environmental consideration, and style in their heating system. Manufactured in Sweden with proven technology and the highest quality, Ulma boiler Midi combines high performance with an elegant and user-friendly design that fits perfectly in your boiler room.

With minimal dimensions of 72x129x86 cm (WxHxD), it also fits perfectly in smaller boiler rooms. Its ash drawer is generously sized, holding approximately 73 liters, providing convenient usage without frequent emptying.

With a water volume of 72 liters and an accumulator tank of at least 500 liters, it provides enough heat without taking up excessively much space in your area.

Its vertical flue tubes also make Ulma Charging Boiler Midi one of the most maintenance-free charging boilers on the market. This means you can enjoy a comfortable and warm atmosphere without the hassle of constant maintenance of your product.




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Data sheet

Efficiency burner
Över 90%
Weight burner
150 kg
Max working pressure
1,5 bar
Smoke pipe
130 mm
Water volume
29 L
Min. chimney area
80 cm2
Electrical connection
230 VAC
Min. underpressure
1,5 / vp
Max effect
25 kW
54 x 97 x 64 cm
Volume ash box
50 L
Ecodesign approved