Ulma Lambda boiler

Ulma Lambda boiler

The ULMA Lambda boiler is a compact and flexible boiler which is also equipped with a lambda controller, automatic shunt and wireless indoor sensor. This provides a high level of comfort and at the same time provides energy savings for the homeowner.

The dimension of the combustion chamber is well adapted to today’s modern burners. High temperature in the combustion chamber gives clean and efficient combustion. The long flue gas passages with large tubes through the convection part make the heat transfer very efficient. With its large water volume in combination with an extra long hot water loop provides plenty of fresh hot water for both showers and baths.

The boiler has by standard a 6 kW electric cartridge, which enables the boiler to hold its temperature without pellets, if you leave the home for a longer period. The ash box needs to be emptied a maximum of about 2-3 times a year depending on the property’s consumption, since it holds about 45 liters of ash.

The boiler is equipped with a lambda probe, which means that it automatically measures the gases so that correct combustion takes place, which results in better economy and longer durability. The boiler comes complete with our self-cleaning pellet burner TCA 2.

  • Made in Sweden with excellent quality
  • Very high efficiency
  • User-friendly with simple menus
  • Reliable with as few moving parts as possible
  • Minimal maintenance

The pellet boiler has been tested and approved according to EN 303-5 2012 class 5, and meets the strict requirements for Ekodesign 2020.

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Data sheet

12-20 kW
Efficiency burner
Electricity consumption (average)
40 W
Weight burner
12,5 kg
Dimensions of fireplace (diameter x length)
156 x 220 mm
Tension in voltage
230V VAC
Length of standard screw
1,7 m
Max working pressure
1,5 bar
Smoke pipe
120 x 120 mm
Water volume
200 L
Min. chimney area
80 cm2
Connection hole (burner)
Ø 154mm
Height inside the hearth
350 mm
Electrical connection
400 VAC
5 år
Min. underpressure
1,5 / vp
Max effect
Hot water spiral
11 m
Electric cartridge (standard)
6 kW
This package includes
Pellet boiler, pellet burner, ESBE CRB221 automatic shunt, lambda controller, compressor with hose, feeder and motor, smoke pipe, cleaning tool

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