Package - ULMA ECO 20 KW + ULMA2000 TCA 2 Burner

Package - ULMA ECO 20 KW + ULMA2000 TCA 2 Burner

A pellet boiler for you who wants a reliable and economical heating system. The pellet boiler is made in Sweden, and maintains a very good quality. Equipped with automatic sweeping with the help of compressed air, which means that you only need to empty the ashtray a few times a year.

The pellet burner is equipped with an advanced control unit that handles the monitoring, safety functions and combustion. You control the burner via a touch display, which makes your installation very easy. 

  • Very high efficiency
  • User-friendly with simple controller
  • Reliable with as few moving parts as possible
  • Extra large hot water loop
  • Minimal maintenance

The pellet boiler has been tested and approved according to EN 303-5 2012: class 5, and of course meets the strict requirements for Ecodesign 2020.

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Data sheet

12-20 kW
Efficiency burner
ca 90-92%
Electricity consumption (average)
40 W
Weight burner
12,5 kg
Dimensions of fireplace (diameter x length)
156 x 220 mm
Tension in voltage
230V VAC
Length of standard screw
1,7 m
Max working pressure
1,5 bar
Smoke pipe
120 x 120 mm
Water volume
200 L
Min. chimney area
80 cm2
Connection hole (burner)
Ø 154mm
Height inside the hearth
350 mm
Electrical connection
400 VAC
5 år
Min. underpressure
1,5 / vp
Max effect
Hot water spiral
11 m
Electric cartridge (standard)
6 kW
This package includes
Pellet boiler, pellet burner, feed screw, flue pipe, soot wiper, compressor with hose

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