Ulma Forced-air furnace ECO2 20 KW

Ulma Forced-air furnace ECO2 20 KW

Our forced-air furnace operates at a high efficiency and requires little space. Comes with a pellet burner which is equipped with a fast ignition system.

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This burner keeps a nice steady temperature and almost zero maintenance. The burner is regulated with a built in thermostat that can be adjusted to the desired room temperature. When the air has reached 60 degrees C the fan automatically starts and provides warm air to the heated area. The fan is controlled by a PT100 sensor to regulate fan speed from 0 to 100 %. The forced-air furnace is perfect for the garage, workshops, air plane hangars, greenhouses, etc.

Chimney connections are easily accessible on the back of the unit. Warm air can be discharged from the left or the right side.

-Fast efficient heating
- Optional automatic air cleaning system for the burner
- For larger heating applications the furnaces can be connected in modular systems


Data sheet

20 kW
Efficiency burner
0-3400 m3 /h
Weight burner
159 kg
Smoke pipe
1330 mm CC från golv
Electrical connection
230 VAC
146x45x77cm + brännare och fläkt
Volume ash box
54 L
Outer diameter of smoke pipe
127 mm
Ventilation connection
315 mm