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Cadel, a company with over 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality stoves, has a passion for heat. Their history is marked by a passion for creating products that not only warm the home but also warm the soul. By combining traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, Cadel has become one of the most prominent names in the industry.

For Cadel, heating is not just about keeping us physically warm; it's also about creating an atmosphere of passion, community, and welcoming. Their range of stoves is designed to fit into any home environment and are easy to install and use. With sleek design and reliable performance, Cadel stoves are a true extension of the home's atmosphere.

By joining the MCZ Group in 2013, Cadel strengthened its position as a leading manufacturer of pellet stoveswood cookers, and wood stoves. Their products have become synonymous with Italian quality and design.

As the general agent for Cadel in Sweden, Ulma is proud to offer their range of products to Swedish consumers.

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Pellet Insert PONENTE 7 kW

Pellet Insert PONENTE 7 kW

The PONENTE 7 kW Insert Stove is the latest innovation from Cadel, combining advanced technology with sleek design. Despite its compact size, this...

Pellet Stove SPIN Plus...

Experience the latest innovation from Cadel - a pellet stove that combines robustness with sophisticated design. Its unique, textured cast iron...

Wood Cooker Kook 60cm

The most striking feature of the Cadel Kook, this built-in wood stove, is the generous space devoted to the oven. The spacious stainless steel...

Wood Cooker Kook 80cm

The most eye-catching aspect of the Cadel Kook, this built-in wood stove, is its generous oven space. The spacious stainless steel oven has been...

Wood Cooker Kook 90cm

The Cadel Kook 90cm model impresses with its generous oven space. The oven, made of stainless steel, is designed to provide even cooking for...

Wood Cooker Smart 60cm

The Cadel Wood Cooker Smart 60cm offers a unique and efficient cooking solution, whether it is freestanding or built-in. These new versatile...

Wood Cooker Smart 80cm

Cadel Smart 80 offers an outstanding cooking experience, whether it's freestanding or built-in. This innovative wood stove is perfectly designed...