Smoke pipe 80mm adjustable 80-420mm black

Adjustable smoke pipe ⌀80mm, made of high-quality stainless steel, with a variable length between 80 and 420 mm. This flue is specially designed for use with pellet stoves.

The product is industrially produced and has several outstanding features: it is single-walled, can be adjusted in length (as it is pushed inside the previous flue in the installation), is heat-resistant up to 200 °C, and is insensitive to moisture. In addition, it is pressure-tight up to 200 Pa and CE certified, which makes it suitable for use with pellet stoves.

A special feature of this flue is its special inner seal that sits in a shaped groove, which enables an overpressure density of up to 200 Pa. The visible surfaces of the smoke pipe, which are available in the colors cast gray or black, are coated with a heat-resistant paint.

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