Dispensing chute for Pellets Bulk storage

Dispensing chute for Pellets Bulk storage

Our discharge chute for bulk storage is a transport solution that you can easily build yourself. With a bulk storage, you get the opportunity to smoothly and easily receive pellets in bulk. Pellets are delivered by a truck 1-2 times a year (in a normal villa), and the feed from the tank to the pellet burner is handled gently and completely automatically with the help of the level sensor and the output box.

The bottom section of the storage is designed so that the weight of the pellets does not press against the screw. This means that the auger moves very easily when feeding the pellets, and that the noise level is lower.

  • High realibility
  • Low noise level
  • Fully automatic
  • Very affordable

Comes complete with 3 m feeder screw and 5 sections of 60 cm each.

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