Laddomat 21-60, R32, LM9A, 63°C Charging Unit

Laddomat 21 allows the boiler to quickly reach 80°C working temperature. Then the Laddomat starts loading the tank with a high, even temperature. The most appreciated feature is the built-in automatic throttling of the internal flow. This throttling function ensures that the entire tank system is fully charged. After the fire has stopped, Laddomat 21 takes advantage of some of the after-heat in the boiler by transferring the hot water in the boiler with self-circulation to the tank. The energy ends up in the tank instead of in the chimney. Laddomat 21-60 is delivered as standard with EPP insulation and proper valves, R32, with lever. The extra large openings in the ball valves contribute to the good self-circulation.

For boilers with a maximum power of 80 kW.

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