Valve combination Ulmaboiler

Valve combination Ulmaboiler

A complete valve kit for our ECO/Lambda boilers, contains:

  • Mixing valve: LK 550 AquaMix 22mm
  • Combination valve: LK 508 HydroFill 22mm
  • Safety valve: LK 514 MultiSafe G½"x15mm 0.9Mpa
  • Drain valve: LK 905-G15
  • Plug G½" with O-Ring
  • Reduction, 22x18
  • CU-Tube 22x1mm x 71mm
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LK 550 AquaMix is a mixing valve for hot water preparation with a thermal element that regulates the supply of cold water to achieve the desired temperature.

LK 508 HydroFill is a combination valve for hot water preparation. The valve housing has a shut-off for incoming cold water and an integrated check valve to prevent backflow of hot water into the incoming cold water pipe. The valve housing has two connections with internal threads G ½" for mounting safety, vacuum, or filling valves. Arrows on the valve housing indicate the flow direction.

LK 514 MultiSafe is a high-lift, soft-seated safety valve for tap water installations and for heating, recovery, and cooling systems with only thermal expansion. The outlet connection is equipped with a compression fitting for easy installation of a drain pipe.

LK 905 is a drain valve with an inlet equipped with an O-ring seal. When installed, the valve is fully tightened. After installation, the valve housing is still rotatable, and the drain connection can be set in any desired position. Requires no maintenance.

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