Shunt valve 4-way TV 4S R25 / 1" Rp Kvs 6,0

Shunt valve 4-way TV 4S R25 / 1" Rp Kvs 6,0

Our TV 4S mixing valves, made of high-quality brass, are the perfect solution for efficient regulation of your heating system. These 4-way valves are designed to improve the performance of your heat source by preheating the return water. This not only reduces the risk of condensation but also contributes to a more energy-efficient system.

Each valve is equipped with a manual knob for easy adjustment, but for even smoother use, we recommend upgrading with a mixing automation. This allows you to automate the process for even better control and convenience.

To suit your specific system, we offer valves with different connections and Kvs values. In addition, all parts of the valve are easy to replace, ensuring long-lasting and trouble-free use.

A unique feature of our mixing valves is that they are fully customizable. The connection examples can be reversed to suit your specific installation needs, and the scale on the valves is graduated and readable from both sides for easy reading.

Manufacturer's item number: 15060205

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