Fitting kit Termoventiler AS, 1.5 bar

Fitting kit Termoventiler AS, 1.5 bar

Complete Valve Set for Safe and Efficient Heating Systems. Termoventiler AS is a complete valve set that provides you with safety and performance in your heating system. It includes all the necessary components to ensure a proper installation and functioning operation: a brass collection pipe, a high-lift safety valve with an EPDM membrane seal, an automatic air vent with a backflow preventer and a PTFE seal, and a pressure gauge DN50 cl 1.6%.

Safety and Performance

Termoventiler AS is designed to meet high safety standards and provide high performance. The safety valve is sized to handle the capacity of the system and has a membrane seal that guarantees a tight closure when needed. The air vent with backflow preventer and PTFE seal prevents air from entering the system and contributes to efficient operation. The pressure gauge provides an accurate reading of the system pressure and is equipped with red markings for easy reading.

Easy Installation and Use

Termoventiler AS is easy to install and use. The collection pipe has internal threads G1 and G ¾ and the safety valve has an internal thread G 1¼ at the outlet. Connections for soft and hard copper pipes, thin-walled steel pipes, chromed copper pipes, and PEX pipes are made with compression couplings. A support sleeve is needed for soft copper pipes. The valve set is normally maintenance-free, but should be function-tested twice a year to ensure proper operation.

Safe and efficient heating systems with Termoventiler AS - order your valve set today.

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