Expansion vessel 150 L

Expansion vessel 150 L

Termoventiler Pressurized Expansion Tanks - For Safer and More Efficient Water Expansion

When the water in your heating system heats up and expands, it needs somewhere to go to avoid damage and leaks. An expansion tank is the solution to this problem. With a pressurized expansion tank from Termoventiler, you can be sure that your heating system is protected against damage and unnecessary costs.

Termoventiler's expansion tanks are manufactured to ensure high quality and durability, which is important to maintain safe and efficient water expansion. The tank's volume of 150L and interchangeable EPDM rubber membrane ensure high performance and reliability. The epoxy-coated steel provides a corrosion-resistant and rust-free surface, which increases the tank's lifespan.

Our pressurized expansion tanks can be easily installed in a variety of locations in your heating system. Whether you want the tank to be suspended in the piping system, mounted on the wall, or standing freely on the floor, our expansion tanks can handle it.

The tanks are also well tested and CE-marked according to Directive PED 97/23/CE. With a maximum working pressure of 8 bar and a factory pre-pressure of 1.5 bar, the tank can withstand an operating temperature between -10°C and +100°C.

Trust Termoventiler's pressurized expansion tanks for safer and more efficient water expansion. Purchase your expansion tank from Termoventiler today and ensure that your heating system is safe and efficient.

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