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Accessories for our Cadel stoves

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  • Charging valve ESBE VTC412 50°C


    ESBE's thermal valves in the VTC400 series are designed for applications with boilers that require regulation of the return temperature. By maintaining a high and constant return temperature, you obtain a higher efficiency, reduced tar formation and a longer life for the boiler or stove.

    • Exact regulation of the return water temperature
    • High Kvs value
    • Available with fixed and adjustable temperature settings
    • Wide temperature range
  • Concentric top connection to Cadel Fenice/Kobe/Prince


    This concentric duct set enables you to connect the pellet stove to a top-connected chimney. Ø80/130.

    Fits the following models:

    • Fenice 11 kW
    • Fenice Plus 11 kW
    • Prince 11 kW
    • Prince Plus 11 kW
    • Kobe 11 kW
    • Kobe Plus 11 kW
  • Ducting Kit for Cadel PLUS-stoves


    This ducting kit enables easy installation of the hot air duct for Cadel Plus stoves. 

    Fits the following models:

    • Cristal Plus 9 kW
    • Icon Plus 9 kW
    • Prince Plus 11 kW
    • Fenice Plus 11 kW
    • Kobe Plus 11 kW
  • Ducting Kit for Frame³


    The ducting kit for Frame³ allows you to heat several rooms.

  • Ducting Kit for Zefiro³


    The ducting kit allows you to heat several rooms.

  • Flue pipe 90° bend kit


    This flue pipe allows installation for rear or side smoke outlets. Compatible with the Spirit³ and Grace³ stoves.

  • Frame for Zefiro³


    Frame for your Zefiro³ stove.

  • Loading pellet door for Zefiro³


    Loading pellet door for Zefiro³

  • Pellet chute for Frame³


    This chute facilitates the loading of the pellet hopper. For the Frame³ stove.

  • Pellet drawer for Zefiro3


    Pellet drawer for the Zefiro3 stove.

  • Podium for Zefiro³


    Podium for your Zefiro³ stove.

  • Remote control for Cadel pellet stove


    Flexible and simple remote control that fits all Cadel stoves.

    Dimensions 86x33mm. Battery included.

  • Wireless WIFI thermostat


    Increase comfort and lower heating costs with a wireless room thermostat. The thermostat communicates wirelessly with the receiver via radio frequency to control your pellet stove, pellet burner, underfloor heating or heat pump. With this thermostat, you easily connect to your wireless network to control and control your heating via the app on your phone or tablet.

    Shipped complete with thermostat, receiver, USB cable, manual and mounting kit.

    Many plug-in options

    Can be connected to the vast majority of heating systems where the thermostat gives the signal NO = Normally Open / NC = Normally Closed to the heating system. Can also drive, for example, underfloor heating or circulation pumps (max. 16 A).

    Easy to place out

    The thermostat can easily be placed on a table or shelf by folding out the support legs at the back. It can also be hung on the wall with the included screws.


    Makes it easier for you to set the temperature precisely and intuitively in steps of 0.5°C.

    Weekly programming

    The weekly programmable thermostat offers customized temperature setting – up to 6 periods can be set each day.


    The anti-freeze function can be activated via advanced settings to protect the pipes from freezing.

    Child lock

    The thermostat cannot be controlled when the child lock is activated to avoid misuse by your children due to curiosity

    App remote control

    The remote control is available via your smartphone app after network configuration. A mobile phone app can control multiple Wi-Fi thermostats at home simultaneously or independently, making the indoor temperature more comfortable and to meet different needs.

    Voice control

    Voice control makes your hands free after the thermostat is connected to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.