Best in class again

This is only available in Sweden.

Pellet and solar heat for 100% renewable energy

If you want to heat your house with 100% renewable energy, we're offering the Swedish Solar Group's winning concept. When tested at SP (Sweden's Technical Research Institute), this package with solar collectors and accumulator tanks saved 1.8 tonnes of pellets per year (22.4%) compared to only pellet boilers that needed 8 tonnes / year. You get "every five years for free" with our package! Our concept became "best in test".

The winning package includes

Solar heating

  • 5 solar collectors LESOL 5 AR (8 m2)
  • Drive package LESOL Duo, 24 L export vessel and control center TDCM
  • 20 L LESOL P-50 propylene glycol

Pellet boiler and burner

  • ULMA pellet boiler Laddmini 20 kW
  • ULMA pellet burner Basic 25 kW with control
  • 1.7 m pellet screw

Heat storage

  • Dalatanken 750 L with two comb flange loops 12 m for hot water and a comb flange loop 12 m for solar heat

Tank loading

  • Laddomat MRI with pump group 11-30

Individual customization

Of course, individual packages tailored to your house can be offered! Leading Swedish companies in collaboration developed the winning concept!