Heating controls

Here you will find accessories for your boiler to control the heat in the best way. Wide range of different thermostats, accumulator tanks, circulation pumps and shunt automatics for you to find something that works best in your home.

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  • ESBE CRB122 Wireless Controller


    ESBE CRB 122 is an indoor based controller with integrated actuator for use on mixing valves.

  • ESBE CRE100 Reglering

  • ESBE CRF100 Reglering

  • ESBE CRU100 Reglering

  • Laddomat 21-60 laddkoppel

  • Outdoor sensor for ESBE CRB122


    With an outdoor sensor for your CRB122 temperature control, you get a combined outdoor temperature and indoor temperature based control. If there are rapid shifts in the outdoor temperature, then the shunt compensates for this to further stabilize the heat curve. The communication cable is 20m long.

    Fits all CRB122 from 2016 onwards.

  • Shunt valve LK 842 ThermoMix