Pellet boilers

If you already have an Ulma pellet burner, you can purchase a pellet boiler separately. Below you will find our pellet boilers which are specially built for pellet burning only, which means that it has a standing convection system and special design of the fireplace. This results in minimal soot on the convection surfaces, and long flue gas paths to increase efficiency.

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  • Pellet boiler Ulma ECO 20 kW


    The ECO boiler is a pellet boiler for you who want a reliable and economical heating system. The pellet boiler is made in Sweden, and maintains a very good quality.

    The dimension of the combustion chamber is well adapted to today’s modern burners. High temperature in the combustion chamber gives clean and efficient combustion. The  long flue gas passages with large tubes through the convection part make the heat transfer very efficient. With its large water volume in combination with an extra long hot water loop provides plenty of fresh hot water for both showers and baths.

    The boiler has by standard a 6 kW electric cartridge, which enables the boiler to hold its temperature without pellets, if you leave the home for a longer period. The ash box needs to be emptied a maximum of about 2-3 times a year depending on the property’s consumption, since it holds about 45 liters of ash.

  • Ulma boiler Midi


    Ulma boiler Midi is a larger charging boiler that can be operated with pellet burners up to 60 kW. The boiler has a water volume of 72 L and should be run against an accumulator tank of at least 500 L. With the dimensions 72x129x86 (WxHxD) it also fits in smaller boiler rooms. The ash box is very large and holds about 73 L.

    Boiler only.

  • Ulma boiler Mini


    This boiler is a small compact boiler with either a 20 kW or 25 kW ULMA pellet burner. The boiler has a water volume of 27 L therefore needs connection to a buffer tank of at least 150 L. With dimensions of 50x95x60 (WxHxD) the boiler requires a small boiler room. The ash pan has a generous capacity of about 50 L.

    Picture shows our automatic self cleaning pellet burner mounted.